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Welcome to the prototype

Thank you for taking the time to review our working prototype for the new

We request you provide feedback no later than EOD on Friday, 1/10. Please read through this page before accessing the site itself.

How to provide feedback:

  • View the site in any browser except IE 8 or below (e.g., use Chrome, Firefox or Safari). The site was designed for more modern browsers.  Older versions of IE cause display issues that we will continue to adjust for prior to launch.
  • In your feedback, please reference the URL (copy and paste it) of the page you are referring to so we can quickly identify your issue.
  • It may also be helpful to provide a screenshot of the issue - but this is not required.
  • Please provide your feedback in email form to

What your feedback should include:

Content issues, such as:

  • Any strategic gaps
  • Typos

What you can ignore:

  • Photos: Most product and landing page images are now in place. 
  • Not all links will work.  Parts of the site are still under development.  These are known issues.
  • Display issues: code is being refined to address issues such as over-sized images, numbered lists also showing red bullets; excessive space in disclosures
  • Empty "right rail."  Article pages that have a narrow content area are designed to leave space on the right for promos and supplemental material that will be added over the coming weeks.
  • Social links, email and print will not work on 1/3 but will be updated shortly.
  • Lorem ipsum copy implies copy is in progress

What happens after 1/10?

  • We will document and prioritize your feedback and address it as best as possible in time for launch
  • We will address any inconsistencies in feedback across stakeholders
  • We will test the site with various user groups (employees, customers, advisors, third party, plan sponsors/small business) in less than 2 weeks. This will likely identify additional feedback which we'll need to prioritize - most of it post-launch

Thank you again for your time and attention to this important and exciting endeavor. We look forward to working you and your teams to ensure success on all levels.

You can access the prototype here.


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